More Tea, Please

As I was searching for pictures to use for my new blog décor, I found the following interesting tea-related things.

Hidden Animal Teacups!

Hidden Animal Teacups

(My parents have this mug, which used to belong to my grandparents.  It is one of my favorite things ever.  EVER.  The way Mr. Froggie peeks up out of your unsuspecting guest’s coffee is just perfect!)

Frog Cup

And behold, the Green Tea KitKat!


Have any of you had one of these?  I can’t imagine what it would taste like.   If the KitKat article on Wikipedia is correct, they also come in “Cantaloupe” in Japan.  And “Blueberry”.  And…er…”Apple Vinegar”.  Hmm, I’m thinking stocking stuffers for the person who has everything…

Look at this tea cupcake from Zalita’s Cupcake D’Lights!  Remarkable.  Hand-painted teapot and cup!  Tiny cupcake and jelly roll!  And don’t miss her tea table cake HERE – tiny sandwiches!  And tablecloths!

.tea table cupcake

This one is for Mom:

Tiny Shoe cupcake


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8 thoughts on “More Tea, Please

  1. I just found you via I Still Feel Unusual. You have a very pretty looking blog, by the way. You’ve managed to make me crave these new Kit-Kats and some tea right away!

  2. Thanks! I enjoy decorating my blog, even though sometimes I could probably write 15 posts in the time it takes to make it the way I want 😉 If you get one of the Kit-Kats, let me know how it tastes!

  3. The cups with the wee animals in the bottom could be a bit startling if one didn’t know they were down there!

    I’ve not seen the green tea kit-kats! Interesting!

  4. Britta Rivera

    I absolutely loved the frog cup when I was a kid!!! Favorite of all time! Do you know what company made them? I am trying to find one

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