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More Tea, Please

As I was searching for pictures to use for my new blog décor, I found the following interesting tea-related things.

Hidden Animal Teacups!

Hidden Animal Teacups

(My parents have this mug, which used to belong to my grandparents.  It is one of my favorite things ever.  EVER.  The way Mr. Froggie peeks up out of your unsuspecting guest’s coffee is just perfect!)

Frog Cup

And behold, the Green Tea KitKat!


Have any of you had one of these?  I can’t imagine what it would taste like.   If the KitKat article on Wikipedia is correct, they also come in “Cantaloupe” in Japan.  And “Blueberry”.  And…er…”Apple Vinegar”.  Hmm, I’m thinking stocking stuffers for the person who has everything…

Look at this tea cupcake from Zalita’s Cupcake D’Lights!  Remarkable.  Hand-painted teapot and cup!  Tiny cupcake and jelly roll!  And don’t miss her tea table cake HERE – tiny sandwiches!  And tablecloths!

.tea table cupcake

This one is for Mom:

Tiny Shoe cupcake


10 thoughts on “More Tea, Please”

  1. The cups with the wee animals in the bottom could be a bit startling if one didn’t know they were down there!

    I’ve not seen the green tea kit-kats! Interesting!


    1. Well, at least with our froggie cup that is the joke…it’s so much fun to give someone their coffee in it and then watch their face as the frog emerges! The teacups would be great for a kids’ tea party.


  2. Hi:)
    I absolutely loved the frog cup when I was a kid!!! Favorite of all time! Do you know what company made them? I am trying to find one


      1. I have the exact same frog mug, and I mean same artist. We’ve had it since the 70s and I inherited it recently. The frog is the same design, the mug is extremely light, and there are no markings to show authorship. The mug is white, simple, somewhat smaller than a standard mug, and has nothing on the bottom.

        My grandparents lived in Nutley, NJ at the time of purchase, but I’m not sure where they found it.

        It’s the best!

        I’m amazed that I found the same one with such a quick search, but still no tale of its origins.


        1. That is so interesting! I have no idea where my grandparents got their mug, and they lived in California. And yes, it is just as you describe. I remember when my cousin was drinking his milk and saw the frog, he was so shocked 😀 When I was in high school my parents had some people from church over and I was showing the mug to one of the ladies. She decided she wanted to give the pastor his coffee in the frog mug. We peeked around the corner waiting for him to get to the frog. Ohmigoodness, the look on his face was priceless! We ran in and looked and just the tip of Froggie’s nose was sticking out of the coffee. My grandpa liked jokes and I’m sure buying the mug was his doing. We all clamored to drink from the mug when we visited Grandpa and Grandma. I’m looking forward to giving my future grandchildren a drink from it someday, ha! Thanks so much for commenting and for the photos!


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