About Me…


I am married and a mom of one young adult (boy) and stepmom of two young adults (girls).

I love hiking.

I like looking at funny pictures of animals and bad cakes.

I like old television shows and old movies.  I like comedy shows, and shows about people solving mysteries.   I don’t like doctor shows.

I always read reviews of a movie before I watch it.  I don’t want to be surprised.

I have a natural knowledge of spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

I like to eat sweets.

I don’t like to cook at all.

I am a legal transcriptionist.  I often talk back to the recording when I disagree with the person who is speaking, ha.

I sell vintage things on Etsy, because I like vintage things and vintage things are fun.  




Updated 7/16/18



10 thoughts on “About Me…

  1. Thank you for your article, “When your loved one lives with BiPolar Disorder, so do you” I was dx in Oct 2007 (at 37) and my family (mostly mother and sister) had a really hard time accepting it, so have I really. Your article really got to me because these are the same things (except for the spending, I have not had to deal with that, thank goodness) I have tried to get my mother to understand, even before I was dx. I am going to send her a copy. Maybe it will help her grasp things better since there is so much in your article that we have discussed, and to see that it’s not just me that is affected in this way. Thank you so very much. Take care and have a wonderful day.

  2. S. Le

    You sound like my type of person. Sign me up! I work with somebody with bipolar disorder and we get on swimmingly.

    We all wish we were more clever than we think we are… and usually are. (huh?)

    I am 10 – 15# overweight. Darned middle agedness! (I just now ate 3 snack size Hershey bars)

    I dispise exercise! I also have bad feet. That’s my excuse for not exercising.

    I am a Christian and my older brother fancies himself Buddhist. I love him.

    This wasn’t supposed to be a blog post.


  3. No problem, I love long comments – leave one anytime! You sound like my type of person too, I really enjoy reading your blog. 🙂

  4. Thanks for stopping by my scattered mind. I love your “about me” info. I always tell my friends that God knows what he’s doing by keeping me overweight … He knows I’ll be dressing slutty if I lost my weight! Yum, See’s candy … one of my favorites also! It’s a good thing the nearest store is 50 miles away!

  5. Well, here we are in late July. Where did the first half of the year go? I like your blog. And I like your reply to my blog regarding how to manage my 6 mo old pup when he can open the door to my office and cause havoc with garbage. Putting a hook up higher on the door is an excellent suggestion! I smiled when you said it might be a safety issue … and I pictured my husband locking me in.

    May you feel God’s heart within yours always.

  6. A.J. Gomez

    I really loved your pictures of the abandoned slaughter house in the central valley. Its completely covered with new artwork now.

  7. Matt

    I have the same frog cup. I would drink milk from it at my grandparents’ house in NJ in the 80s and I inherited it a few years ago. Same frog, likely the same artist.

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