Hmm..., Thursday Things

Thursday Thoughts

1.  If a company is going to advertise something, they should advertise the price right up front.  I don’t want to “consult” with an annoying salesperson.  I don’t want anyone to contact me.  I don’t want to watch 20 more minutes of an infomercial.  I already think the product sounds super.  I just want to know how much it COSTS, and if they won’t tell me up front I think they must be scamming.

2.  “Shark Night 3D”?   ?!?!?

3.  Coconut water: full of potassium and other things that are good for you.  Does not taste like coconut. Not even close.


coconut water benefits-image

4 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts”

  1. It did really quench my thirst if I ignored the taste. It would probably be fine if they added some fruit juice to it. The only other flavor I saw besides “plain” was chocolate. That actually sounds worse than “plain”!


    1. I’ve only seen one 3D movie, at Sea World. I think it may have been classified as 4D, because you could feel little puffs of wind and the seat in front of me squirted water at me at appropriate times. My sister is an expert in body/brain alignment and development, and she says that it is actually bad for your brain to watch 3D movies because it confuses the brain. Since my brain doesn’t need any more confusion than it already has, I avoid watching them!


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