EDIT: My free Photobucket trial is over and I have received the receipt from Photobucket. STILL I get an error message saying that the link and embed features are not available with my unlimited plan. SIGH. I sent a message to their service people. BUT, I think I have discovered a workaround for now. Fingers crossed that the photos stick!

My photo hosting woes continue! I have now paid for the premium unlimited version of Photobucket in hopes that it will work to allow my photos to show up in WordPress. The only problem is that it starts with a 7-day free trial and during the trial it won’t let me share photos to the blog. Whyyyy?! I already gave them my credit card number!

Anyway, after a week or so I will re-do all the photos on the last few posts and post about our hike yesterday.

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Mirror, Mirror

Here is the mirror I got at the barn sale a couple of weeks ago. The Hubs was able to attach a hanger to the back and hang it on the wall in my office with a wall anchor. Looks good, right? I like mirrors, the house is full of them!

The new mirror goes well with my frame wall.

Frame wall with ancestors.

I am blessed with a beautiful office!