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Well, I finally did it. I got the “old-person shot”, the shingles shot. Shingles is a reactivation of the chickenpox virus in the body, and it causes all sorts of pain and a rash, It can lead to nerve damage as well. I had chickenpox as a child and didn’t like the thought of having something worse, which is what shingles is. There are two shots in the series, you have to get the second one 2-6 months after the first one.

I got the shot on Tuesday, and immediately started to feel yucko. I was tired and achy and all my joints hurt. These are common side effects of the shot, according to the information sheet I was given by the nurse. The very same nurse said, however, that I shouldn’t have any side effects. She was terribly, horribly wrong. I remembered that Marnie’s Hubs had had the shot as well and asked her if he had any side effects. She said his were the same as mine and that his arm hurt for a week. Neither he nor I are looking forward to the second shot in the series!

Here is a photo of where the nurse gave me the shot. See how it’s a bit red down and to the left there? It still hurts. It actually hurts worse than it did right after I got the shot. I probably should wave my arm around in the air to get the blood moving more.

You might have side effects, and it will probably hurt.

Now it is Thursday morning and I still feel achy and tired, although a bit better. Don’t let the side effects deter you from getting the shot though, as from what I understand the rash itself is very nasty and can cause all sorts of lingering problems. Mom had it back in April and she still has pain and itchiness from it. I decided not to put a photo from the internet of the actual rash, because ew, it’s not nice to look at.

I did receive an information form, which I accidentally left in the car and didn’t read until yesterday, afternoon. Here is an excerpt from it:

Some extra Advil helped me feel a bit better and I was able to do some shopping yesterday. I went to the St. Vinnie’s thrift store and what do you think I found? THREE 1930s Nancy Drew books with the dust covers still on and in good condition! And for only $3.49 apiece! I didn’t take photos of the books yet and now I’m at Mom and Dad’s, so I’ll post about the books soon.

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I don’t have much to report today, except that I had my right big toenail removed on Tuesday. It kept trying to grow a new toenail but didn’t succeed in getting very far, so there were layers of toenail that kept trying to grow. (I don’t remember any trauma to the toe, so the origin of the problem is a mystery.) The nail had also mostly separated from the toe, so the podiatrist thought removing it would be the best option in hopes that it will grow back in a normal fashion. He actually showed me his toe that was growing a nice new nail after he lost it in a mountain biking accident. I don’t know if you’ve ever had a toenail removed, if you have you know that there are shots involved. The doctor sprayed my toe with cold spray, then put two or three shots in my toe. (It hurt a bunch, I’m not gonna lie. I gritted my teeth and closed my eyes tightly so I couldn’t see what he was doing.) The reason they have to give your toe more than one shot is that they don’t know for sure which nerve will hurt when removing the toenail.

After waiting a few minutes for the anesthetic to kick in, the doctor came back in and popped the toenail right off. I didn’t feel a thing really, the shots did their job. Then he bandaged it all up very effectively and I left the office with no toenail. I waited 24 hours like the doctor said and then took off the bandage to look at the toe. It didn’t look very nice at all, so I immediately put another bandage on it. The yellow stuff on my foot in the photo is the solution the nurse used to clean the area before the doctor took the nail off.

A good bandage.

Though it didn’t hurt when the doctor took the toenail off, it is uncomfortable now. I had a hike planned this Saturday to Duffy Lake (the site of my very first backpacking trip, when I was 21!) but decided not to go as it isn’t an easy hike and we would have to cross a river, and I didn’t want to wade in and get germs on my toe. Hopefully I can get some easy walks in around the neighborhood in the next few days.

Have you ever had a toenail removed? How long did it take to recover and be hike ready? Comment below!