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Food Review – Thinsters

I bought these at Costco the other day because I thought they looked good, and probably because I was a bit hungry. Costco is dangerous when you’re hungry, ha! I thought I’d review them because they’re pretty tasty.

I hadn’t looked at the ingredients list until I got home, but was pleasantly surprised to see that they are made from actual pronounceable ingredients instead of a lot of weird chemicals. (Although, I should have known from the notations on the bag that they were made of real ingredients with nothing artificial.)

Here are the nutrition facts:

The calorie count isn’t too terribly high for cookies dipped in chocolate. The only problem is that they’re small so you want to eat more than one serving, but I’m pretty sure that’s common for other sweets as well. Other than that, these Thinsters are a win!

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Sea Veggies?

So, the other day I was shopping for ingredients to make my own laundry soap (see how to do it on the Sugar Pie Farmhouse blog).  As I was searching all over the store for what I needed, I happened to see these natural Sea Veggies snacks.  They were expensive but sounded interesting, so I thought, “Why not?”

This is what they look like:


I’m trying to eat more healthfully.  These are full of vitamins and all sorts of wonderful things!  You get 12 of these little sheets of snack in the bag, and all of them together are only 35 calories!  Hooray!



This is what I looked like after I ate 3 little sheets:


Image from


Blargh.  It tastes like you got a mouthful of ocean by accident when you didn’t want to.  And so does the aftertaste, that won’t go away even after half a cup of coffee.  Not nice at all.  I’m sorry, people who make Sea Veggies.  I’m sure you have the best of intentions and all the vitamins and nutrients are super good for me.  If you made them taste like nothing at all, I would seriously gobble them up because the texture is nice and light and crunchy, so you’ve got that going for you.  And I suppose they might go well with sushi for those who like that sort of thing.  But no…no thank you.