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Fruit Bowl 2

You’ll remember in my last post I was trying to clean this silverplated fruit bowl, and this was the result:


Well, the Tarn-X came and I got it out today to see what it would do with the bowl. I got some cotton balls and a rag and started rubbing the bowl with a Tarn-X soaked cotton ball like the bottle instructed, and not much was happening. Then I tried going after some of the carving, and a little bit of silver was peeking through. Finally, I got this:

You can see the difference in the grapes carvings, the one on the right has been rubbed with Tarn-X and the one on the left hasn’t. But the smooth silverplate is so pitted that it wouldn’t even come right with the Tarn-X. That’s when I decided that I was going to a lot of trouble for little reward. I’m going to list it on Etsy in its current condition. It was a beautiful bowl at one time, and I’m hoping someone else will still think it beautiful despite its flaws. I guess that’s what we all want for ourselves too, isn’t it?