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Trying Again

Since my large succulent plant in the top of the strawberry pot died, I have replaced it with a new plant. I found this plant at Lowe’s, where they still had a number of succulent plants left. I have decided to name it, and am calling it Frank.

This is Frank.

You can see that the other succulents are doing very well, as are the thyme plants.

Baby plants are growing.
Thyme plants are quite fluffy.

At the vintage show the other day someone was selling succulent plants in decorative planters and each plant had a name. The names were printed on labels made with an Dymo labelmaker like this:

And the labels were stuck to nice metal garden labeling stakes like this:

I decided my plants should also have names, so I went looking at label stakes on Amazon and I think I’ve settled on these:

Now I just have to come up with names for the other plants! Comment with any ideas you might have!

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Thursday Thoughts

Do Not Want:

~Those high barstool-type chairs.  My legs dangle and fall asleep.
~A table at my favorite laptopping place with no electrical outlet nearby.  My laptop battery only lasts 40 minutes, which is not enough time to do anything.
~Ridiculous amounts of traffic at 3:30 in the afternoon.
~Itchiness.  Allergies are so distracting.


~Fun people at the coffee shop:  A little girl at the table across from me was trying to put her hand in her mom’s water glass.  When Mom told her to stop, she said, “But I just wanted an iceberg!”
Also, a gentleman came in and found I was sitting at his favorite table.  He sat down anyway and we had a nice conversation while he ate his breakfast.  He works for the Oregon Department of Transportation in their IT office and knows someone who used to work in my dad’s office, and he has an Australian Shepherd.
~Nice staff at the coffee shop.  I like being able to leave my table to go to the ladies’ room without worrying about someone running off with my stuff.
~Big Train chai.  It is the best.
~Hilarious vegetables from our garden!