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The other day I ordered three dozen washcloths, two dozen for us and one dozen for Mom. Our gray washcloths were looking pretty shabby, and when I was taking care of Mom a couple of weeks ago I noticed her drawer was full of a bunch of threadbare washcloths that wouldn’t do much good, and I thought she deserved some nice luxurious washcloths to wash her face with. I got the washcloths from Kohl’s, they were on sale and I had a nice coupon I could use on top of the sale.

My order finally arrived and I got the washcloths out to prepare them for washing (I always wash new towels before using). They came in plastic bags like this:

And they were rolled up like this:

After I took off all the plastic bags I had to cut off the ribbon around each bouquet of washcloths:

So I did that and tossed them into my laundry basket, thinking I was done.

But then I discovered one of these in each washcloth:

And I had to cut each one very carefully so I didn’t snip a hole in the washcloth:

36 washcloths and a zillion minutes later I finally had all the little plastic widgets taken out of the washcloths and the washcloths in the washing machine. All in all, much more of an ordeal than I expected, ha!

Baffled, Tuesday Thoughts

So, I Went Into The Kitchen…

…to throw something in the trash, and I saw this:



It’s a tomato stem.  My brain, however, did not see a tomato stem.  It saw a GIANT SPIDER, and then realized my hand was moving toward the giant spider to toss my tissue into the trash.  If my brain and body would regulate their energy usage for normal daily activities instead of saving it up so I can flail my arms like a helicopter and jump three feet into the air when I see a anything that resembles a giant spider, I could get a lot more done in a day.  A lot more.