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Well, I finally did it. I got the “old-person shot”, the shingles shot. Shingles is a reactivation of the chickenpox virus in the body, and it causes all sorts of pain and a rash, It can lead to nerve damage as well. I had chickenpox as a child and didn’t like the thought of having something worse, which is what shingles is. There are two shots in the series, you have to get the second one 2-6 months after the first one.

I got the shot on Tuesday, and immediately started to feel yucko. I was tired and achy and all my joints hurt. These are common side effects of the shot, according to the information sheet I was given by the nurse. The very same nurse said, however, that I shouldn’t have any side effects. She was terribly, horribly wrong. I remembered that Marnie’s Hubs had had the shot as well and asked her if he had any side effects. She said his were the same as mine and that his arm hurt for a week. Neither he nor I are looking forward to the second shot in the series!

Here is a photo of where the nurse gave me the shot. See how it’s a bit red down and to the left there? It still hurts. It actually hurts worse than it did right after I got the shot. I probably should wave my arm around in the air to get the blood moving more.

You might have side effects, and it will probably hurt.

Now it is Thursday morning and I still feel achy and tired, although a bit better. Don’t let the side effects deter you from getting the shot though, as from what I understand the rash itself is very nasty and can cause all sorts of lingering problems. Mom had it back in April and she still has pain and itchiness from it. I decided not to put a photo from the internet of the actual rash, because ew, it’s not nice to look at.

I did receive an information form, which I accidentally left in the car and didn’t read until yesterday, afternoon. Here is an excerpt from it:

Some extra Advil helped me feel a bit better and I was able to do some shopping yesterday. I went to the St. Vinnie’s thrift store and what do you think I found? THREE 1930s Nancy Drew books with the dust covers still on and in good condition! And for only $3.49 apiece! I didn’t take photos of the books yet and now I’m at Mom and Dad’s, so I’ll post about the books soon.

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Sea Veggies?

So, the other day I was shopping for ingredients to make my own laundry soap (see how to do it on the Sugar Pie Farmhouse blog).  As I was searching all over the store for what I needed, I happened to see these natural Sea Veggies snacks.  They were expensive but sounded interesting, so I thought, “Why not?”

This is what they look like:


I’m trying to eat more healthfully.  These are full of vitamins and all sorts of wonderful things!  You get 12 of these little sheets of snack in the bag, and all of them together are only 35 calories!  Hooray!



This is what I looked like after I ate 3 little sheets:


Image from


Blargh.  It tastes like you got a mouthful of ocean by accident when you didn’t want to.  And so does the aftertaste, that won’t go away even after half a cup of coffee.  Not nice at all.  I’m sorry, people who make Sea Veggies.  I’m sure you have the best of intentions and all the vitamins and nutrients are super good for me.  If you made them taste like nothing at all, I would seriously gobble them up because the texture is nice and light and crunchy, so you’ve got that going for you.  And I suppose they might go well with sushi for those who like that sort of thing.  But no…no thank you.

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Black Friiidaaayyy…


Ugh, the term “Black Friday” sounds so sinister.  It doesn’t sound like, “We’re having this awesome sale so you can afford super Christmas gifts for your loved ones!” or “Come on down, get great deals, and celebrate the start of the festive holiday season!”  It sounds like, “You have to come really early and there will be way too many people, and they will all get to the good stuff before you do, and then we will EAT YOOUUUU…<maniacal laugh>



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Ow, My Legs

Yesterday I got many boxes and bins and Space Bags organized and took elebenty-twelve of them upstairs. My bedroom is completely cleared of everything not bedroom-related!!

However, my glee at having accomplished this giant task has been tempered by the fact that none of the muscles in my legs work. Why? Because:

Ordinary stairs Tread – 11″ deep. Rise – 6.75″ high. All stairs the same height.

Our stairs: Tread – 9″ deep. Rise – 8.50″ high, except for the top one, which is 5.50″ high.
Landing at top of stairs – 2 feet from stairs to wall.



Our stairs (oh yes, the carpet is really that color).


To go up the stairs when carrying something: Lean forward as far as you can and move upward quickly to keep from falling backwards down the stairs. Place feet on steps sideways, attempting not to catch your toe in the corner between the step and next riser.



Watch your toes.


Bend over even further when you reach the top step and set the thing you’re carrying on the landing, hold on to the top bannister, and carefully step up. Remember that the landing at the top of the stairs is only 2 feet wide. Do not run into window at top of stairs.


The landing. If my derriere was any bigger, it would bounce me off the wall and down the stairs.


To go downstairs: Grip bannister post while stepping onto second step lest you tumble downstairs when you forget that part of the landing is only 2 feet wide. When on second step, lean over and grasp handrail tightly, lean backwards, and go slowly down the stairs. Step sideways or with duck feet and hug stair riser with calves, so your feet will fit on the tread instead of sliding off the front edge. Use every muscle in your legs to keep from falling to your death.



Stairs looking down, top bannister and handrail.





Duck foot.



Here, however, is the bright spot of the upstairs hall – Emily’s handmade 1000 Cranes, and sculpture made by my hubby.



There really are a thousand!



Here is a close-up of the cranes:


Awesome, right?

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Thursday Thoughts

Do Not Want:

~Those high barstool-type chairs.  My legs dangle and fall asleep.
~A table at my favorite laptopping place with no electrical outlet nearby.  My laptop battery only lasts 40 minutes, which is not enough time to do anything.
~Ridiculous amounts of traffic at 3:30 in the afternoon.
~Itchiness.  Allergies are so distracting.


~Fun people at the coffee shop:  A little girl at the table across from me was trying to put her hand in her mom’s water glass.  When Mom told her to stop, she said, “But I just wanted an iceberg!”
Also, a gentleman came in and found I was sitting at his favorite table.  He sat down anyway and we had a nice conversation while he ate his breakfast.  He works for the Oregon Department of Transportation in their IT office and knows someone who used to work in my dad’s office, and he has an Australian Shepherd.
~Nice staff at the coffee shop.  I like being able to leave my table to go to the ladies’ room without worrying about someone running off with my stuff.
~Big Train chai.  It is the best.
~Hilarious vegetables from our garden!