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Fruit Bowl 2

You’ll remember in my last post I was trying to clean this silverplated fruit bowl, and this was the result:


Well, the Tarn-X came and I got it out today to see what it would do with the bowl. I got some cotton balls and a rag and started rubbing the bowl with a Tarn-X soaked cotton ball like the bottle instructed, and not much was happening. Then I tried going after some of the carving, and a little bit of silver was peeking through. Finally, I got this:

You can see the difference in the grapes carvings, the one on the right has been rubbed with Tarn-X and the one on the left hasn’t. But the smooth silverplate is so pitted that it wouldn’t even come right with the Tarn-X. That’s when I decided that I was going to a lot of trouble for little reward. I’m going to list it on Etsy in its current condition. It was a beautiful bowl at one time, and I’m hoping someone else will still think it beautiful despite its flaws. I guess that’s what we all want for ourselves too, isn’t it?

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Fruit Bowl

I got this antique silverplate fruit bowl at an estate sale last weekend. It was made by the Adelphi Silverplate Company in the late 1800s to early 1900s. Here is what it looked like after washing with soap and water:

Tarnish a go-go.
Not very nice.

I ordered some Weiman Silver Polish and when it came I went to work on the bowl. I polished…

Helper Cat is helping.

And polished…

And polished some more…

And this is how it turned out. Aargh. See all those pits and places where the silverplate has gone? I even tried getting into the carvings with an old toothbrush, and that didn’t work at all.

On the right is the polished side, left unpolished.

I’m pretty sure someone was using this bowl to throw rocks at. Or make mudpies (with rocks) in. Or maybe they had it strapped to the grill of their car? Seriously, it’s a fruit bowl. What kind of fruit does this sort of damage?

Not happy with results.

But I got an idea…it would be perfect in someone’s gothic-themed home or haunted house, wouldn’t it? I may market it as a goth or Halloween decoration!

I ordered some Tarn-X (Remember the commercials when we were kids? Takes all the tarnish off!) and it should arrive on Friday. Then we’ll see if there’s any improvement. Will post Tarn-X results Friday or Saturday!

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Sunday Funday

Yesterday Marnie and I planned to go to the parking lot sale at Aunt Bee’s, a vintage and antique store here in town. I’ve always gotten good deals at their parking lot sales, so we were looking forward to it. When we arrived at Aunt Bee’s, there was no parking lot sale! 😦 I thought I might have gotten the date wrong, but when I checked the Aunt Bee’s Facebook page I saw a post that said they had postponed the sale for two weeks due to the air quality issues from a fire in south Salem.

After making plans to attend the sale in a couple of weeks, Marnie suggested that we check out some garage or estate sales that might still be open on Sunday, since Aunt Bee’s didn’t open until noon. We drove over to West Salem to see what we could find. After following some signs that led us on a wild goose chase, we decided to go on to the sale from an ad I found on Craigslist. There was a house and a manufactured home out in the country, and we started at the “free” item area, where I found a very nice 3-hole punch! The man running the sale was very talkative and because I didn’t want to be rude someone beat me to the vintage rolling pin with a green handle. Disappointment! But, I did find a few treasures I’m hoping to sell. There is a 1987 Log Cabin syrup 100th Anniversary tin, a 1990s BeDazzler with pattern book, a vintage funny bunny sponge or trinket holder, a tiny cast iron iron (maybe a toy?) that the man had dug up in the yard there, an interesting rug needle, and the “Homes and Flowers” book from 1942 — a floral decor book put out by the Coca Cola company. I also got a silverplate fruit bowl with grapes and grapevines on it.

Log Cabin syrup tin, BeDazzler from the 1990s, tiny iron that was found in the ground, funny ceramic bunny, and rug needle.

Homes and Flowers book.

Inside Homes and Flowers book. Note how the Coke bottles blend perfectly with the decor!

Silverplate fruit bowl — about 11″ across. Needs a little polish.

And I got this Sweet Squirrel — he fits perfectly by my funny plant

Marnie got this adorable concrete bunny, complete with mossy accents. She also got a small ceramic frog, a small plant pot, and a shiny ball to put in her succulent garden.

The original house on the property was built in 1920, it was a Sears Roebuck kit house and it still has the original aluminum siding.

Old barn on the property.

After we finished at the estate sale we attempted to go to a couple of others we saw signs and ads for, but neither of them were open. We decided to go back to the French Press, a restaurant by Aunt Bee’s, to get lunch and then go to Aunt Bee’s when it opened. We both had turkey club sandwiches, which came on croissants. They were delicious.

Eventually it was noon and Aunt Bee’s was open. We shopped around in there for awhile and checked out all the booths. I got a Nancy Drew book and a bracelet for a total of $2.99! And we ran into my friends Autumn and Hannah, who I hadn’t seen in forever!! It was nice to talk to them and I hope we can go to lunch soon.

Interior of Aunt Bee’s

After I dropped Marnie off at her house I stopped by the weekly flea market at the Lions Club. They have a neat old cabin-like building and they had a few booths outside this time as well. I came up with a 1955 Family Circle magazine in beautiful shape, and two 1950s Perry Mason books! Those I will keep for my collections 😁

So, all in all it was a successful day, and I spent a total of $11.00 on all the things I bought. Yay!

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Hike — Willamette Mission State Park

On Saturday we went out to Willamette Mission State Park for a short hike. The ladies at church have asked me to lead a hike in October, and I wanted to recce and see where the picnic areas and bathrooms are on the trail I want to walk, and pick a good spot for everyone to meet. We parked at the first parking lot and walked about a mile and a half to the Filbert Grove day use area, where we started what was supposed to be a 4.2 mile loop. The park is fairly flat, no hills to worry about. I wanted something that pretty much anyone could do since I’m not sure of the fitness level of the ladies who might want to join us. I also wanted to find a good place to have a snack or lunch with the ladies.

Willamette Mission Park also has a lot of history, so I hope to be able to present some history of the park to the ladies as well. This year Oregon is celebrating 100 years of its State Parks system.

Jason Lee and the Willamette Mission
100 years of Oregon’s State Parks system.

Near the parking lot we passed some blackberry bushes and Linda had to give some a try.

Someone stuck a feather in this post.

The sky was very hazy due to some fires happening around the area. We didn’t smell smoke though, and didn’t have any trouble breathing. It was supposed to be sunny and 95 degrees, but I think the haze kept things a little cooler. The sun didn’t come out much at all.

Hazy sky
The sun looked like this (zoomed in)

On our way to the Filbert Grove, we stopped to use the bathroom and saw some horses. The riders were standing on a picnic table to get up onto the horses! There are many equestrian trails at the park.

Once we got to the Filbert Grove area, we took a path that led to the 4.2-mile Willamette Mission Loop, found on the AllTrails app. The loop is on mostly paved paths with a smaller part on dirt trails. On our walk we detoured a bit to go to the Wheatland Ferry dock to watch the ferry for a minute. A man went down to the water to fish for wide-mouth bass.

Wheatland Ferry
Someone left these headphones on the little bridge (?)
The man caught a bass and was getting out his phone to take a photo. He let the fish go after he got a picture of it.

Here is some more of the history of the park. The Willamette Station of the Methodist Mission was started across the lake there in 1834. Some “ghost buildings” have been placed to represent the first mission buildings that were built on that site.

If you zoom in on this photo you can read the history of the Mission.
Mission “ghost buildings”.

On the walk you can see the nation’s largest black cottonwood tree across the lake.

Nation’s Largest Black Cottonwood
Cottonwood sign. You can see the tree in the background.

Marnie is very good about picking up trash along the way. She found more than one cigarette butt. Really, smokers? I mean, come ON.

Marnie does trail maintence.

Dirt trail.

Paved path.

There were still a few flowers and berries left here and there.

Mystery berries. We didn’t eat any.


Pine tree.

Rose hips.

Osprey nest.

They have their own sign.

There were no ospreys in the nest that we could see, which was too bad. I guess it isn’t time for osprey babies. We saw many birds and squirrels during the day and a couple of deer that were too far away to get a photo of them, and one of these orange and black caterpillars. We wondered what kind of butterfly those turn into. (Edit: They turn into the Isabella Tiger Moth.)

Wooly Bear caterpillar.

The loop was supposed to be 4.2 miles, but somehow all our various devices said we walked between 8.5 and 10 miles. With the extra mile and a half each way back to the car from the loop start we would have added 3 miles, but we wouldn’t have made it to 8 or 10 so I’m not sure how that happened. My feet sure felt like it was more than 4.2 though! We had a good walk and I know a lot more than I did about how to plan for the ladies’ hike in October.

A warm and hazy day.
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Friday Haul

Boy, did we have a yard sale adventure today! First, we went to a sale in south Salem where I found these things:

Sewing Machine Attachments – 50 cents a box!
Ceramic hedgehog!
Succulent plant for Marnie!

THEN, we went out to southeast Salem in the country to the most awesome sale! It was the lady from Mama Roost vintage, and her husband is the guy who used to have Craig’s Camaro Connection in town, so I was having a super time collecting a pile of goodies and Greg found some good stuff too. There were bags of free things!!

My pile at the sale, and that wasn’t all! I had to guard it carefully, at least 3 people tried to raid it, ha.
The Hubs talking with Craig
More of the sale, note the gray ’65 Chevy pickup in the background.

Here are all the things I got:

Vintage Chenille Bedspread and Fur Collar
Chenille pieces, vintage European linen pieces, lace tablecloth pieces, wool blend pieces – all FREE!
Old suitcase for my suitcase stack and A Child’s Garden of Verses book
Vintage cotton blanket, Quaker lace tablecloth, tablecloth with ruffle, 3 vintage linen towels.
2 oval frames and 1 fancy frame with glass in it – that frame has little flowers on it
2 large bulletin board frames
Embroidery hoops and more chenille pieces
Very large frame — 24 X 36 for $5.00!
Vintage sign holder — I’ve been wanting one of these in case I ever decide to have a booth at a vintage show.
And the pièce de résistance — a giant old window for just $10! One pane is broken, but that’s ok!

Can you tell I was having a very good time at this sale? So many wonderful things! She had some denim jackets she had sewn vintage fur collars on, but none were my size so I didn’t get one of those. Everything was such a deal and I am very pleased! Most of these things will be living at my house and won’t be sold, unless I change my mind.

I had a nice time talking to Mama Roost and The Hubs enjoyed talking to Craig about car stuff, and he came away with a tool box, a metal bench, and a wheelbarrow (which he unceremoniously stuffed into my van – I will have to vacuum it again). We had to go home with the treasures in the van and take the big truck back to bring the window and sign holder home. Now I must get to cleaning everything and figuring out what I want to do with it all! I’m thinking of making some sort of banner with the fabric scraps. Or ten banners, there are so many! Wheee!!

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On Monday I decided to do a craft project that had been languishing in the “projects” bin for who knows how long. I had an old cookie sheet and I wanted to decoupage it with old sheet music to make a tea or dinner tray. It is the perfect size. Now that I don’t have to be planning for the PCT, I can get some projects done!

I got out the cookie sheet and found the Mod Podge, and looked at my sheet music stash. There were not nearly enough pieces of old sheet music to cover the tray, so I took the biggest page and photocopied it on my printer. I made seven or eight copies. The sheet music was a nice yellowed color that showed up a little bit in the copies, and I thought that would work fine. I didn’t want a bright white look.

Sheet music, cookie sheet, Outdoor Mod Podge, paintbrush

I ripped the music copies into long strips and started in sticking them to the cookie sheet. I started on the back side, 1) so I could see how I wanted to do it; and 2) because I wanted to fold the sides up from the bottom so the top would look nice; and 3) in case I didn’t like it at all and wanted to go a different direction.


I used outdoor Mod Podge for the tray, because I imagine it would be more durable in case of spills, etc. Mod Podge is a glue and a sealer, you use it to stick your paper or fabric to your surface, and then brush it all over to seal.

You can brush it on the surface or apply it to the paper.

It stuck really well and I went on putting my paper pieces on the cookie sheet. I tore off some smaller pieces too. I decided to do the sides first with lengthwise strips, so they would be completely covered. The paintbrush I used is a lesser-quality one I had in my painting bin.

Sides first.

I made sure the sides were completely covered and that the paper overlapped the edges so I could flip it over to the top side. While you are decoupaging, it is a good idea to keep a wet cloth nearby for wiping your hands and another cloth to dry them, as the Mod Podge does get all over your fingers.

Here is the back decoupaged and with one coat all over of the Mod Podge. You are supposed to put a few thin coats on to seal the project.

While I waited for the back and sides of the tray to dry, I put another coat of white craft paint on this “Adventure” sign. I got it at Target awhile back, along with an “Imagine” sign. The “Imagine” sign came already painted pink on the lower half and is hanging on my office wall, but the “Adventure” was a dark yellow which doesn’t go with my office décor. I thought of painting it green, but since I’m going to hang it on the green wall it seemed like white might be better. I like words and I like to have them all over the house, ha!

I forgot to take a “Before” photo of this one. The toothpicks at the top are to mark where the nails go.

This one didn’t need to be modified.

Here’s the “Adventure” sign on the wall. It looks much better now.

I had to photocopy and rip up some more music sheets, so I did that while I waited for the bottom of the tray to dry. My method of pasting small pieces of paper all over instead of using one large piece used a lot of Mod Podge, so I decided to let the tray dry overnight before I attempted to decoupage the top side. In the morning everything was still tacky, so I decided to wait another day.

Since the way I did the bottom of the tray seems to have added way too much Mod Podge, for the top I brushed a thin coat of Mod Podge on the backs of the paper pieces themselves to stick them down, instead of putting it on the tray first and then having to put more layers on to get all the pieces to stick.

Brushed on paper instead of tray surface.

Then I brushed a light coat of Mod Podge over the whole top and edges of the tray. I hadn’t decoupaged in awhile, and I often do take the “scenic route” when crafting, especially when I have made up the craft on my own.

Scenic route or short cut — neither is great when crafting.

And finally, here is the finished product, all ready for tea! What do you think?

Up above the world you fly, like a tea tray in the sky…

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Since our PCT thru-hike attempt and our subsequent Oregon section attempt, I’ve been reflecting on the purpose of it and what I should do now. I spent most of my non-work time for seven years planning for our thru-hike and thinking about it every day, and now I sort of feel like I’m in limbo. I haven’t thought of another BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal, as my parents’ pastor puts it) to plan for and right now I’m just not doing much at all.

We weren’t able to conquer last time. But shouldn’t I be doing this? And better still, SHOULDN’T I BE DOING IT IN CAPITAL LETTERS?

I like to be productive, and while I get my eight or nine hours of sleep a night (early to bed, early to rise!) when I’m awake I prefer to be accomplishing something. So I keep asking God, “What are you calling me to do? What’s the next thing? What thing should I be planning for now?”

Seriously, I completely, totally do.

Something I’ve noticed recently is that I’m just tired. I’m not a super high-energy person generally, but I seem to feel more regularly tired than I did before our hiking attempts. After our four-mile beach walk on Saturday I came home much more weary than I should have been. I couldn’t get going on any other projects even though we got home early in the day.

So I’ve been trying to figure out what God wants me to do next, and what I’m sensing is that I should rest, take a sabbatical (a break or change from normal routine) from planning. I really enjoy planning, so I’m constantly running over things in my mind. I’m the one who starts packing a month before the trip, ha. Rest is defined as “peace, ease or refreshment.” My brain has been on one track for so long, I think it really needs that refreshment. I will plan for small things like holidays, and will rest from planning big things like thru-hikes. I will be able to put more energy into serving at church, studying God’s Word, dealing with some health-related issues, and reading more books. I will still do my transcription work, but will more available to others. I will endeavor to learn how to trust and hope in God completely. I will be able to put my heart into all these things more than I did when I had a big event constantly on my mind. I look forward to wisdom gained and strength renewed!

28 Do you not know?
    Have you not heard?
The Lord is the everlasting God,
    the Creator of the ends of the earth.
He will not grow tired or weary,
    and his understanding no one can fathom.
29 He gives strength to the weary
    and increases the power of the weak.
30 Even youths grow tired and weary,
    and young men stumble and fall;
31 but those who hope in the Lord
    will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;
    they will run and not grow weary,
    they will walk and not be faint.

Isaiah 40:28-31

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Beach Hike

Marnie texted and invited me to hike yesterday, and suggested either Silver Falls or the beach. I felt like a beach walk, so that’s where we went. It was supposed to be right around 60 degrees all day and cloudy to partly sunny with winds from 5 to 10 mph, so I had no idea what to wear. At first I thought I’d wear my exercise leggings and a long-sleeve merino blend top with a light jacket, but you never know how warm you’re going to be when the sun comes out. Likewise, you never know how chilly you’re going to feel when the wind is blowing, which usually happens at the beach. Would I need a warm hat to keep the wind out of my ears, or would a baseball cap do? The times between winter and spring and summer and fall are always a crapshoot regarding what to wear. I settled on the leggings and a t-shirt with the light jacket, put my puffy coat in my backpack in case I felt cold, and brought all the hats and my merino Buff with my Crocs and extra socks in case my shoes got wet. I usually bring an extra bag to leave in the car to carry those sorts of things.

We got going and stopped to get our Harvest Pumpkin lattes at Bentley’s, a local coffee kiosk next to where Linda’s Hubs works. Delicious!

Bentley is the little doggo.

Then we drove the hour and a half to Lincoln City, deciding to walk on the beach at the “D” River roadside. The “D” River is the shortest river in the world. It was a bit drizzly on the way there, and then quite foggy at the beach and a bit chilly, so I put my puffy on. We headed south on the beach for our “hike”. While we walked Aryn was playing Pokémon Go on her phone and caught lots of the little critters!

Into the fog.
There is this blue fabric thing leading out onto the beach. For wheelchairs, maybe? If so, I think it should lead all the way out to the hard sand instead of stopping where the sand is still deep. We found it convenient though.

There were quite a few people on the beach and many of them had dogs. We saw a Corgi, a Great Dane, a Doberman, a Setter, an Australian Shepherd, and various ‘Doodles, along with some smaller dogs. We got there early as always, so it wasn’t too crowded while we were on the beach. The breeze became warm occasionally, which felt very strange. Usually the breeze at the beach here is cool or cold. We walked and talked for about two miles before stopping at a beach access point with a restroom. There is this statue of Joe the Sea Lion at that spot.

Joe the Sea Lion of Nelscott
Unfortunately, some of his whiskers are missing.

Here are some other photos of our leisurely little adventure.

Marnie and Aryn

Beach houses. Some of the ones up on the bluff had long, long stairs down to the beach, and we decided that we would like it better if our beach house had easier access to the beach.

Barnacles on a rock.

Marnie gets the shot.

Someone had taken the time to stand these up in the sand.

Can you see…?
…the surfer? They spent a lot of time just bobbing up and down more than they did catching a wave. I don’t know if it was a good surfing day.

Sanctimonious Seagull

Blue sky for a minute.

Marnie searching for agates and beach glass.

Marnie enjoys looking for agates where the tide goes out. She has a great eye and always finds some neat things, even the tiniest of agates or sea glass. This time she found a giant agate! She saw it in the surf and went towards it but some other people had seen it too. They all had to wait for the water to go out far enough so they didn’t get their feet all wet claiming the rock. Marnie finally ran down and got it, and the other lady conceded and said Marnie could have it. She found lots of wonderful treasures today with her eagle eye! I, on the other hand, didn’t really bother to look for treasures because I seldom see them. I found a small agate and a tiny piece of white beach glass. Linda said she doesn’t know what she’s looking for when she’s beachcombing. I said I know them when I see them, I just don’t see them, ha.

Marnie’s nifty treasures!
My treasures (quarter for scale).

After walking for four miles or so on the beach we got back to the car and went to the ’60s Cafe and Diner where we like to eat. The diner has a wide variety of food and the food is always good.

Marnie and I each had a BLT. Linda had a corn dog. Aryn had chicken strips.

We were so efficient today we got home by 1:00!

Beach selfie. Hmm, I’m beginning to think I don’t look well in hats.
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Today I had on the schedule to wash my van and clean the moss out from around the doorhandles. I take it through the car wash fairly regularly, but nothing really cleans like a good hand wash. I started around 9:00 a.m. after I went and picked up the groceries so I wouldn’t get too hot.

I took the hose from the side yard to the driveway and attached it to the faucet behind the gate, and filled up my bucket with water and Dawn dishwashing liquid. I had plenty of rags ready to go for washing and drying. Unfortunately I didn’t get a “before” photo of the whole van, but here is one of some of the moss. You can see it around the door handle and the window. Blargh. How icky is that? I was tired of seeing that each time I got in the van to go somewhere and was rather embarrassed for other people to see it and think I don’t take care of my things.


So I got out an old toothbrush and started scrub-a-dub-dubbing. An old toothbrush is a great thing to have around the house for just such a job. You can see in this photo what I discovered when I inspected the rest of the van — that every nook and cranny that could have moss in it did. The plastic stripes at the bottom of the doors also had moss.

So, I washed and scrubbed and scrubbed and washed, and almost got all the dirt off the paint and the windows (there is some white stuff on the back passenger side quarter panel that I will probably need a plastic scraper to remove. I decided not to do that today.) With my toothbrush I was able to get into most of the nooks and crannies and remove the moss. Now the door handle and window look like this:

SO much better!

This is the passenger side front window. Aaack! I scrubbed this moss off but on final inspection a lot of it hadn’t been completely removed, so I had to go back with my wet rag and scrub again. It still didn’t all come off. I’m not sure why the passenger side had so much more moss than the driver’s side, the only thing I can think of is that the passenger side gets more sun.


I wiped down the insides of the doors and liftgate, although there was some gunk inside the top of the liftgate I couldn’t get very well. Then I got out my baby ShopVac and a damp rag to clean the inside of the van. I ran the rag over the dash and steering wheel and all the other plastic parts. Then I vacuumed everything out. There wasn’t too much dirt in the second row of seats because people hardly ever ride there, and I keep the third row folded down so there wasn’t any dirt there, but the way-back had a lot of dirt still from when we brought home my concrete bear statue. The front seat floors were very dirty as usual, especially the driver’s side since it is the side that gets used the most. I don’t know where I get all the junk on my shoes, but there is always a lot of dirt on the floor where I put my feet. It’s a mystery.

Baby ShopVac

The van wasn’t as dirty as it could have been because I did go to the car wash the other day, but the windows always get very dirty and I am glad to be able to see out of them again. I couldn’t reach the top middle of the windshield so there might still be a dirty spot there, but maybe The Hubs will take care of that for me on his next days off. I had forgotten to bring out the stepstool and didn’t really want to get it all wet. The windshield wiper on the driver’s side kept making a smudge right at eye level when I used the washer function, so I wanted to give the wipers a good cleaning too. Usually the wipers rest way down under the hood and are impossible to get to, but I found out by accident that if you turn them on low and then turn off the ignition when they are at the outside of the windshield, they will stay up and accessible. I gave them a good wipedown as well. Seems like whenever I clean the windshield wipers they are always covered in black dirt. They need to be replaced soon for the rainy season but at least they should work for the washing function now.

Wipers are accessible now.

Here is the finished product, in front of the spectacular gate The Hubs designed and built to keep people from gawking at his backyard. It only took me two hours to finish my car wash! My van is 17 years old and has dents from a mistake I made and from when a small man sideswiped my driver’s door in the RiteAid parking lot while I was in the store. A very large man had seen it happen and kept the little guy there until I came out so I could get his information, because he was trying to sneak away. It sounded like he was saying his car did the sideswiping all by itself, but he wasn’t speaking English very well and I couldn’t quite get what he was trying to tell me. I did get a rather tiny payment from the man’s insurance company but Greg decided it wouldn’t be enough to pay to get the dents fixed so now I drive a hooptie. And I know it would be cooler to have an SUV, but you wouldn’t believe all the treasures I can fit in the minivan, ha! Oh well, it runs fine and it’s paid for and it’s really in pretty good condition, and now it’s clean and moss-free!

So shiny!