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I Got My Box!

When we left in March to go to Campo on our thru-hike attempt of the PCT, we sent a couple of resupply boxes out to be waiting at places when we got there. I picked up my box in Warner Springs, but the one we sent to Paradise Valley Cafe near Idyllwild was languishing there since we weren’t able to stop and pick it up on the way home in Linda and Steve’s RV. A lady had posted in one of the PCT Facebook groups for people who couldn’t pick up their boxes to message her, and so I did. She said she would look for my box but then I never heard back so I figured she either couldn’t find it or couldn’t send it back. But today it came! They put a “Return to Sender” label on it at the post office there, and back it rode to my doorstep.

My Box! And my foot too.

I wouldn’t have been so sad about the pending loss if it was just food, but my Hillsound Trail Crampons were in the box and they are expensive to replace.

Hillsound Trail Crampons

I had also ordered an ice axe from REI and had it sent directly to PVC in anticipation of perhaps needing it on Mt. San Jacinto. I don’t know if they’ll be able to get that forwarded to me, although I’ve told them I would be happy to pay for it to be sent home! I don’t know if I’ll ever need an ice axe going forward so I’m not anxiously waiting to use it or anything, but it would be nice to either have it or return it to REI.

But all in all, I’m very pleased to have my trail crampons back and a bunch more food to take on our Oregon hike. Yay!

Just keep walking!


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