Baffled, Do Not Want, Holidays

Black Friiidaaayyy…


Ugh, the term “Black Friday” sounds so sinister.  It doesn’t sound like, “We’re having this awesome sale so you can afford super Christmas gifts for your loved ones!” or “Come on down, get great deals, and celebrate the start of the festive holiday season!”  It sounds like, “You have to come really early and there will be way too many people, and they will all get to the good stuff before you do, and then we will EAT YOOUUUU…<maniacal laugh>



2 thoughts on “Black Friiidaaayyy…”

  1. I believe Black Friday IS evil! I’m enjoying it relaxing a bit over a nice coffee and my computer keyboard! A rare moment these days.


  2. I actually did venture out to some stores I figured would be less crowded because I had to run some errands anyway, I didn’t start out until 10:30 a.m. though! Aside from the traffic and the fact that other people always seem to want to step on me, it wasn’t too bad, and I did come away with a few bargains. The air of festivity there used to be on the “Day After Thanksgiving” sales is gone, though. It just feels like an especially and annoyingly busy regular day, and not the start of the Christmas season. It’s too bad.


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