I’ve Been Gone A Long Time

Wow, I haven’t written here since before Christmas.  Well, let’s see…things have been about the same here.  We did, however, have snow last Wednesday, and as it was our eldest’s 18th birthday she was elated to be able to stay home from school and build an assortment of snowthings.  We only had 2 or 3 inches of snow here (really?!  I just tried to type “snow” and my fingers typed “chow”)  but the girls live with their mom about 15 miles south of us and they got 6 or 7 inches of snow there.  On Thursday, the sun came out and melted all the snow so we could go about our business as usual.

We had a nice Christmas and I received some black UGG boots, which I have been wearing often the last couple of months.  I started wearing them without socks since they are so comfy, but after my feet turned black from the wool dye I decided I’ll wear them with socks from now on.

Ugg Classic Tall 5815 Black 96_LRG

I have ordered these Vibram Five Fingers KomodoSport LS toe shoes and look forward to receiving them.


The Vibram (pronounced Vee-brum – I looked it up.  It’s Italian.) toe shoes are the only shoes I can wear for any length of time without my feet hurting.  I recommend them.  These will be conversation starters, don’t you think?

Also, I ordered my Franklin Covey Planner pages and have been attempting to use them regularly.  I ordered the prettiest pages they have – “Blooms” – in hopes that the prettiness will encourage me to write stuff on the calendar instead of just in a random notebook. 

Planner Pages

My mom and I and some friends went to a performance of “The Hound of the Baskervilles”, one of my favorite stories, at Corban University.  It was performed in the round and the characters interacted with the audience in a pre-performance act and during the intermission where we could have tea and snacks.  The maids dusted and tidied up the parlor set, and the butler and housekeeper made appearances.  One of the maids was sweeping the ashes out of the fireplace grate (actual ashes) which was just in front of where a friend was sitting, and when my young friend sneezed loudly the maid said “Oh, I’m terribly sorry!”  Just before the performance a cell phone rang, and the actors jumped and ran around shrieking “Where is that noise coming from?  Oh, it’s awful!  I can’t stand it!” etc., with their hands over their ears.  They finally found the phone under a doily on the coffee table and one of the actors picked it up gingerly between two fingers and ran away with it.  It was really by far the cleverest way to say “turn off your cell phones” that I’ve ever seen! 

Right now, there are five empty houses in a circle around our property.  One is a new house that the people are still working on, one is a rental that the owners are working on, one belongs to an elderly lady who had to go to a nursing home, one was a foreclosure that has been empty for a couple of years, and I’m not sure if the other people lost their home or if they just moved away.  There were six empty houses, but one that abuts our backyard has smoke coming out of the chimney and the “For Sale” sign is gone so I assume someone moved in. 

The bank that owns the foreclosure property (aka “The Sideways House”) sent some people to “winterize” the house a few weeks ago.  I know this because one of the men who came, a scruffy-looking individual with long hair and a baseball cap, removed an air conditioner from the window, opened the window, and crawled into the house. 

Sideways House

                                   The Sideways House

Of course, I called the police and they came and confronted the two workers, who did have paperwork to prove they were there legitimately.  The workers came back the next day and cut 2 years’ growth off the lawn.  The grass clippings completely filled a car trailer.  When I asked the police officer why the workers didn’t have a key and had to break into the house, the police officer couldn’t remember.  He had asked them, but he didn’t remember their answer.  That would be the one thing I would remember, I think! 

Anyway, I hope nice, friendly new neighbors move into all the empty houses.  I’m looking forward to meeting them (Especially the people in the new house.  They have painted it bright green.  It looks very festive). Smile


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