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My son, my parents, and I just returned from a trip to California to celebrate my Aunt S~’s 70th birthday.  On the way home we decided to stop at Wildlife Safari in Winston, Oregon. You drive your car through the park, stopping where you like to watch the animals.  The big cats – lions, tigers,and cheetahs – used to roam about like the the rest of the animals but are now all behind fences so I couldn’t get clear photos of them.  Same with the elephants.  But, my son got great photos of one non-vegetarian type – you’ll see them at the end of the post!   Here are some of the critters we saw.

Rhinoceros derrieres.  The sign said to keep “3 car-lengths away” from the rhinos.  It wasn’t a problem, as they turned their pointy noses up at us and then ignored us completely.

The elands didn’t seem to mind our car…


Giraffes are easy to spot (bwaha!)


It was lunchtime for many of the critters when we were there:


Guanacos running to their noms station.


Watusi Cows – a bit crowded in there with those horns!


Sitka deer cooling off on the way to lunch.


White fallow deer…we stopped to watch them and they kept popping their heads up one after another to look back at us.


Action shot!


H is for Hippo eating Hay…



Here’s a llama…


The dignified Mr. Bison…


Comin’ through! (This camel wasn’t stopping, we had to drive out of the way before she just plowed into the car!)


I’m the yak, I’m the yak, having my nap, having my nap…


This IS my best side!


Shell, the Sulcatta Tortoise, out for his daily walk around the Village…


My favorite snack?  It’s written all over my face!


And last, but certainly not least, these guys:

Well, hi there!  They call me Grizzly…


A bear hug? I thought you’d never ask!

4 thoughts on “Safari”

  1. That white fallow deer chewing (or whatever it’s doing) is so funny. I’m glad you use it for your banner — it’s like getting the funniest raspberry ever every time I come here!

    Love the Bison. I bet his head is huge. How close did you actually get to the Grizzly? That seems so dangerous to me — they can tear a car door right off if they want! I guess they keep them well fed, huh?

    One time I was at a safari theme park in NJ and the giraffes walked right up to the cars. If you didn’t have food they kept going. We opened our sunroof and the giraffe stuck it’s long tongue down to lick up the trail mix I’d found off my hand! The eyes are so beautiful — big, with long eyelashes. The tongue freaked my husband out, but it was very gentle and kind of tickled. That was my big thrill for the day. I wouldn’t roll down the window for the ostrich — was afraid it might peck with that big beak!


  2. Thanks, Julee, I love it too! Even better, Miss Deer snuck that raspberry in when I wasn’t looking so the photo was a fun surprise! The grizzlies were in an enclosure so there was no danger. The road goes completely around their space and they watched us the whole way with such sweet, curious looks on their faces. We had our windows down the whole time but only the camel and a disgruntled looking llama came near the car (much to my disappointment!).


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